There is no toleration for compromising the processes of the industrial production in food sector. Food production requires maximum quality management and high hygiene standards. Hence, this is a well-reasoned and a righteous demand.

Isımsan is perfectly aware of this responsibility. We remark our analysis and solution processes on these standards. Many renowned companies throughout the world trust us in working in accordance with this responsibility.


  • Fresh and long-lasting bakery products
  • Sweets
  • Ready-mixes/bread improvers
  • Spices
  • Ready beverages
  • Baby food
  • Frozen products
  • etc.

ISIMSAN – We are there for you

Isımsan manufactures plants individually and according to the following International directives and regulations:

  • CE 2006/42/EG (Machinery Directive)
  • CE 2014/29/EU (Pressure vessel directive)
  • CE 2014/68/EU (Pressure vessel directive)
  • ATEX product line 2014/34/EU
  • EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group)
  • GMP (Good Manufactuning Practise)
  • FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration)
  • EAC (EurAsia Conformity)

Further guidelines can be considered after consultation.
Isımsan is certified in terms of quality management (ISO 9001), environmental standards (ISO 14001), welding technology and supervision (ISO 3834 & 14731) and control technology (2006/42/EC).